Police in Richmond have been given extra powers following assaults and crime which took place at a gathering last week.

School children gathered at Teddington Lock on June 17 in a social media-arranged event.

Although police say most of the kids who attended weren't from Richmond, several offences occurred.

These include a sexual touching offence, a number of assaults and dangerous behaviour such as jumping from Teddington Lock bridge.

Officers now have information about another planned gathering and a section 35 anti-social behaviour, crime and policing act order has been authorised.

This is in place from 12pm today until 12pm on Friday.

During this time it is an offence to fail to comply with direction given by police to disperse; fail to surrender items likely to cause anti-social behaviour at request of police; return within specified period after directed to disperse.

The order icludes area, river and bridges within the boundary of Richmond Bridge; Richmond Hill; Star & Garter Hill; Petersham Rd; Richmond Rd; Albert Rd; Fairfield Sth; Kingston Hill Rd; A307; Kingston Bridge; Barge Walk; Hampton Crt Rd; Hampton Hill H St; Wellington Rd; Sixth Cross Rd; Staines Rd; Heath Rd.