A cyclist has issued a statement after the driver who hit him in Richmond Park appeared in court.

On November 9, 2021, David Williams was cycling through Richmond Park after delivering Bikeability training to pupils at a school in Sheen.

A BMW then hit him and drove off.

David fell from the bike and broke his collar bone.

He said this caused him nearly three months of pain and was unable to work in the run-up until Christmas.

The driver, Adrian Stephney, of Streatham Road in Mitcham, admitted to driving without due care and attention at a hearing at Lavender Hill Magistrates Court on May 24.

39-year-old Stephney’s guilty plea was taken into account for the sentence.

He was ordered to pay £570 in total for the offence and given six points on his licence.

This includes a £418 fine, £110 in costs and a £42 surcharge.

However, David said he is “disappointed” that the driver wasn’t charged with a “more serious crime”.

He said in a statement: “I am disappointed that the Metropolitan Police Traffic team and CPS could not charge the driver with a more serious crime.

“I am disappointed that the Magistrate could not have handed down a stiffer sentence.

“I believe that I was assaulted in a moment of rage by Mr Stephney and if the weapon of choice had been a knife or baseball bat the driver might be looking at a prison sentence.

“This and other cases highlight the casual acceptance of road violence by the justice system and society in general.

“In the UK approximately five people per day are killed and many more are seriously injured as a consequence of dangerous driving yet it seems to be accepted as “one of those things”, a cost of doing business.

“Driving a motor vehicle is judged to be a right, not a privilege that should only be afforded to those that keep other humans safe.”