Richmond locals have expressed disappointment over the cancellation of a “once-in-a-lifetime” street party for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee after residents complained about bus diversions.

The event on Barnes High Street has been called off despite plans to close 331 other streets and two high streets in the borough.

Richmond Council and Barnes Community Association had drawn up plans to temporarily shut the high street on June 4 for the big day.

But residents were concerned about plans to divert buses down Nassau Road, one minute from the high street, for the party. 

Organisers say “practical issues” with the removal of an island on Lonsdale Road to allow the diversion also led to the cancellation.

Barnes Community Association said on Facebook it was “disappointed” to announce the street party would not be going ahead.

The group said not all residents on Nassau Road had objected, with “enthusiastic supporters” on the street too.

The statement says: “We have invested many hours in preparing and planning an event for our community to come together, to take part in a once in a lifetime national celebration at the heart of our village and to support our fabulous local businesses, but sadly it was not to be.

“Both the BCA and council officers have invested a lot of time in planning this event in the last few months but, following complaints from residents in Nassau Road over the temporary diversion of buses down the road, and additional practical issues to enable buses to be diverted, the council felt it would be better to withdraw permission for the party, a view which we share.

“We would like to thank all the local businesses on the high street who have thrown themselves enthusiastically into ensuring an unforgettable event for our community.” 

Frustrated locals took to social media to share their sadness.

One person said: “That is a shame.

"Don’t give in so easily Barnes. It’s a once in a lifetime thing for many and so many people are looking forward to it.”

Another added: “There’s always someone that spoils things for everyone else.”

Another local said: “This is sad. I lived in Nassau Road as a child. We had the most amazing Silver Jubilee street party with the road closed with council permission.”

A fourth wrote: “What a shame – it would have been a really great day for us and future generations to remember.”

Another person called the objectors NIMBYs – meaning “not in my backyard” – and said they were “spoiling the fun”.

One person suggested using Barnes Common around the pond as the “obvious place” for the party.

But the group said using the area would “take months of planning and consultation” and “defeats the object of a street party to celebrate and support our local businesses”.

A Richmond Council spokesperson said: “The council is saddened that the Barnes High Street road closure for the Jubilee Street Party cannot go ahead. Unfortunately, practical issues with road widths mean TfL cannot divert their buses, therefore closure of the High Street is no longer feasible.”

Barnes Community Association has been contacted for further comment.