A group of children have been seen attacking the waterfowl and removing chicks from their nest in Bushy Park, Richmond.

Waterfowl are birds that spend much of their time in the water with waterproof feathers and webbed feet.

The children were reportedly attacking the birds with sticks and taking their young from a nest in the stream.

The incident occurred in the Woodland Gardens zone on May 9 at around 7.45pm.

It was reported to an officer on patrol at the time.

Royal Parks Police are asking any witnesses with information to contact them quoting reference number CRIS 0704768/22.

Royal Parks Police tweeted: “*Witness Appeal*

"Officers at #BushyPark are investigating an incident in the Woodland Gardens where a group of children were seen attacking waterfowl with sticks and taking away their chicks from a nest in the stream.

“Please call 101 with any information.

“CRIS 0704768/22 refers.”