Twelve Twickenham School students are to have their work published in the Young Writers latest poetry anthology book.

The Empowered - Inner Thoughts poetry competition asked students to write poetry focusing on internal thoughts, musings, conflicts and issues that are affecting young people.

The pupils whose entries were chosen to be published covered a wide array of topics including gender, societal expectations, whether perfectionism is attainable, a unique consideration of someone on Antarctic explorer Shackleton’s crew, and poignant opinion on the current Prime Minister.

The school said that students were delighted to have received the news ahead of their Easter holidays.

Richmond and Twickenham Times: Ciaran Carter Y7 and Evgenii Golikov Y7Ciaran Carter Y7 and Evgenii Golikov Y7

One of the pupils heard the news about her poem being published on her birthday, stating it was “the best birthday gift ever”.

The anthology will be printed in June with copies circulated in the region and a copy sent to The National Archives of The British Library.

The school says it is very proud of all our students who took the opportunity to send in their work.

A spokesperson from the school said: “It is fantastic to see that the habit of writing and publishing individual voices is fast becoming a staple of the school’s spirit.”

The students whose poetry is to be included in the anthology include:

• Ciaran Carter Y7

• Sourayan Dey Sarkar Y8

• Lady-Britannia Tiako-Foch Y11

• Max Carter Y9

• Petya Avramova Y8

• Sara Morais Y7

• Eden-Rose Torto Y9

• Zofia Wiesek Y8

• Annora Gosain Y8

• Elena Shokouhi Y10

• Neve Rackstraw Y7

• Evgenii Golikov Y7

Twickenham school has previously four of their students published in the last Empowered anthology and says they are thrilled to see a greater number of entries on this occasion.

Richmond and Twickenham Times: Annora Gosain Y8 and Sourayan Dey Sarkar Y8Annora Gosain Y8 and Sourayan Dey Sarkar Y8

They say they are excited to see more of their students taking the opportunity to express their creative and poetic voice.

The school also publishes their own Creative Writing and Arts magazine named Torch which is circulated in the local community.