People have been warned to keep their dogs out of the water at Richmond Park following an oil spill coming from further upstream at Beverly Brook.

The spill is believed to have entered the water in Pyl Brook, Morden before flowing further downstream.

The Environment Agency is now working on the river clean-up.

Thames Water say they have confirmed the source of the pollution of the river to be caused by a third party.

Control measures have been put in place at the brook with Thames Water deploying booms and pads to try to prevent the oil from spreading further downstream.

Thames Water is now focusing on cleaning their sewers while they have these measures in place preventing any more oil from coming into the river as they clean the pipes.

There are no reports of any wildlife impacts at this current time.

People passing by are describing the smell of the water as strong and putrid.

On March 27 the Rangers Office was first made aware of what appeared to be oil in the water at Beverley Brook near Wimbledon Common.

A Thames Water spokesperson said: “We’re aware of an oil pollution in Pyl Brook and Beverley Brook and have been working with the Environment Agency and contractors to minimise it’s spread and impact to the river.

“Our teams have established the source of the pollution, which was caused by a third party, and we have deployed booms and pads to help prevent the oil further spreading in the watercourse.”

Richmond Park said: “The Environment Agency and Thames Water are aware of the spillage which has flowed through Beverly Brook and they have put the appropriate control measures in place.

“There are no reports of any impact to wildlife at present, but Thames Water and the Environment Agency are monitoring the situation.”


Wimbledon and Putney Commons Rangers Office said: “Early on Sunday 27 March, the Ranger's Office was made aware of what appeared to be oil on the surface of the Beverley Brook where it runs through Wimbledon Common.

“The Environment Agency has been informed and they, and Thames Water, are trying to identify the cause of the spillage.

“They believe it comes from somewhere on Pyl Brook, a tributary that feeds into the Brook some distance upstream of the Commons.

“Thames Water have been on-site to inspect the Brook this evening and will be back on Monday 28 March to begin a clean-up operation.

“As yet, we have no sense of what the damage may be but we will keep you advised.

“In the meantime, please keep out of the water and advise the Ranger's Office if you see any wildlife in distress.”