The government has awarded Richmond Council some £850,000 to help fund two social development projects in the borough.

The council announced the news in a press released published on Wednesday (November 17), which offered further details of the projects set to benefit from the money.

The funding will come courtesy of the government's programme to help develop brownfield sites in the UK, specifically for preparing the ground for the building of housing to combat the ongoing housing crisis in the country.

In Richmond, the funds will be apportioned to two development projects in particular: the redevelopment of the Elleray Hall social centre in Teddington, and the proposed Twickenham Riverside development.

Elleray Hall, which offers daytime social services for vulnerable people such as the elderly in the borough, will see its current redevelopment project receive £250,000 the council said.

The Twickenham Riverside redevelopment meanwhile, which Richmond Council said aims to deliver a number of new homes of which 50 per cent will be 'affordable', has been awarded £599,522.

The riverside plans also propose creating a new Diamond Jubilee Gardens, event space, an exciting children’s play area and pétanque pitches as well as terraced lawns, planting and trees as well as the new homes.

That project was recently dealt a blow when the Twickenham Riverside Trust declared its opposition to the existing proposals by attempting to stop the sale of the existing Diamond Jubilee Gardens needed for the project to the council via a Compulsory Purchase Order.

"We were disappointed that the Council initiated this process when discussions between ourselves were ongoing. The legal advice we have subsequently received is that the public open space provided for in the CPO is not of equal advantage to what exists today and so we have no choice but to contest it," a recent statement from the trust said of the situation.

Both Twickenham Riverside and the Elleray Hall redevelopment project are currently in the planning stages at present and are still subject to Planning Permission.

Cllr Gareth Roberts, Leader of Richmond Council, struck an upbeat tone as he commented on the new funding.

"Subject to the Planning process, both of these projects will result in much needed affordable housing in both Twickenham and Teddington," Cllr Roberts said. "We aim to bring back to life two areas that have long since been neglected and create not only improved community resources, but also high-quality affordable homes. I am pleased that the Government has given this funding, which is an endorsement for the delivery of housing on these sites."