A homelessness charity known for their work in south west London will feature on a new version of Monopoly set in Richmond.

Homelessness charity SPEAR was chosen by Richmond residents who voted on a number of charities that operate in the borough to feature in the game.

The group, who support rough sleepers in south London, will feature on a Community Chest card obliging the player to donate 100 pounds to SPEAR.

"Hopefully this will spur you on to do a real fundraiser to help us support people experiencing homelessness?" a spokesperson for the charity said in a statement announcing the news.

Head of Fundraising, Volunteering and Communications at SPEAR Heidi Shrimpton added:

"Thank you to everyone who voted for SPEAR to be one of the local charities featured in the game. We have been supporting people experiencing homelessness for almost 35 years, our services have expanded to other boroughs in SW London but Richmond was where it all started with our founder Penny Wade, a Richmond local resident. We continue to help vulnerable people in this close-knit community to secure accommodation and move towards a positive future."

The new Richmond edition board sees some of the borough’s finest landmarks feature in place of the classic version's well-known sites.

For example, Terrace View replaces the game's most prestigious square, Mayfair, while other favourites include Richmond Park, Kew Gardens, Bushy Park and a small island nestling on the River Thames made famous by a visit from The Beatles (it hosted one of their very last public appearances together).

In all, more than 30 Richmond upon Thames landmarks and charities feature in the game.

"We have been wonderfully spoilt for choice putting this board together,” said Benjamin Thompson, custom games executive at Winning Moves UK, who are the makers of this game under official license from Hasbro. "Thank you to everyone who sent in nominations – many hugely inventive and funny – during our public consultation process period. We hope the game reflects the flavour and feel of these suggestions."

Click here for more info. on SPEAR and the work they do, and here for more on Richmond-upon-Thames Monopoly.