The government's Flood Information Service have warned of possible flooding of the River between Putney and Teddington today (Saturday, November 6).

The agency officially issued a Flood Alert for the area which cited high 'spring tides' as the possible cause, saying that the next high tide at Richmond would occur at 3.30pm on Saturday.

In a short statement underneath the alert, which was titled "Flood alert for Tidal Thames riverside from Putney Bridge to Teddington Weir", a spokesperson said:

"River levels are expected to be high as a result of spring tides. The next high tide at Richmond at 15:30 on 06/11/21 may result in brief low-level flooding of riverside roads and open spaces. Astronomical tide levels are rising. The river flow at Teddington Weir is low for this time of year at 48 cubic metres per second and is steady.

"We anticipate the flows to remain normal for the next few days. We are closely monitoring the situation. This message will be updated by 19:00 on 07/11/21, or as the situation changes, as subsequent tides over the next couple of days may be higher."

Flooding in London is expected to become much more frequent as the climate crisis worsens in the UK and around the world.

The Met Office has reported that scientists found that the climate crisis has increased the risk of floods in England and Wales, by between 20 and 90 per cent.