The work of a non-verbal artist from Twickenham will feature in disability charity Scope's new online standalone store.

Scope founded the online store, which features unique and frequently stunning works of five disabled artists, amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, and it went live earlier this month.

The disability charity said it took a "huge financial hit throughout the lockdowns" and as such is now branching out its fundraising activities in order to maintain its support for disabled people and their families.

One of the five artists chosen was Michael 'Stigy' Hanrahan, of Stigy’s Art in Twickenham.

Richmond and Twickenham Times:

"I’m extremely excited about this collaboration, it’s a great opportunity for me to get my work out to a wider audience," Michael said, describing his working process. "I use few techniques, due to my disability, when painting. I have a helmet I used for Boccia and had it adapted by the charity, Remap. I can now attach my brushes and bang it on a plank of wood to create my Jackson Pollock style. For more clean images I have an assistant place either tape or stencils on the canvas."

Scope said the initial shop would test the marketplace with a "capsule collection of premium products" to guard against any possible financial loss, and the charity is worked directly with disabled artists and designers, manufacturers and print-on-demand suppliers ahead of the opening.

The result is a collection of beautiful artworks by the featured artists including print-on-demand designs and a range of ready-to-purchase items.

Click here to check out the new store itself, or here to view Stigy's Art.