McDonald's has refused to comment after dozens of complaints from residents in south London about orders arriving with items they have paid for missing.

Surrey Comet and Your Local Guardian have previously reported cases where people have ordered food for delivery from McDonald's and not received everything they paid for.

The customers have found it difficult to obtain refunds, with fast food giant McDonald's telling them to get in touch with delivery partner Uber Eats about the issue instead.

Since reporting on one mum fighting to get a refund after not receiving the food she paid for, and another campaigning for McDonald's to take responsibility after she received three wrong orders consecutively, dozens more McDonald's customers got in touch with us at Newsquest south London to share the problems they had.

But, McDonald's still refuses to take responsibility for the issue and said "this would be one that our delivery partners (Uber or JustEat) would have to comment on" when approached for comment with each complaint detailed out.

The spokesperson said this is "because of the way that our processes work".

Uber Eats apologised for its customer service on these occasions, and said it is working to improve its processes.

It is encouraging customers to reach out to them.

An Uber Eats spokesperson said: "We are very sorry that our customer service did not meet our usual high standard on these occasions, and we are working hard to understand how we can improve our processes.

"We would encourage any user who has an issue with an order to reach out to us via the Help section in the app they used to make their purchase.

Other complaints we received from south London residents are listed here:

Susan Dodds' order from Hastings Road in Bromley via Uber Eats was missing five chicken selects.

She said: "I used the Uber app to report it and I got a refund of £1.90.

"But, as I was hungry it cost me another £10.27 just to reorder five selects and I had to pay the delivery fee again.

"When you reply asking them why it’s only £1.90 and that it cost me £18 for a select meal, you get an auto response to say 'sorry for the inconvenience but I can see the £1.90 refund has been made' so then they close the case.

"Most expensive meal ever from McDonald’s.

"Clearly not mine nor the delivery drivers fault, but we get penalised for McDonald’s mistake."

Amanda Goss, who ordered from Thornton Heath in London Road has also had issues.

She said: "I have had a Big Mac, drinks, apple pies, 20 chicken nuggets and fries missing.

"I have ordered over 15 times from same store and I think the order has only been correct once.

"I once went round there to get missing items and had a refund a couple of times.

"When the nuggets were missing Uber Eats refused to refund as I had previous refunds so they said they couldn't.

"I have ordered five or six times since then with missing items but pointless trying to get money back as I had too many claims apparently."

Carlton McKenzie 's order from the McDonald's in Catford was missing his apple pies.

He said: "I couldn't be bothered to complain - found out after I had collected and was too busy to complain - I also thought as I had already left how could I possibly prove it.

Miechelle Hollis says she has had fries missing on multiple occasions, a 20 piece sharebox of nuggets on another and ice creams on another from the McDonald's in Anerley.

She said: "Filed with Uber Eats that parts of my order were missing.

"They offered refund of the missing items after a few days but for it to happen multiple times is unacceptable. 

"Especially if you are ordering nuggets and fries for your kids meal and only the fries come, or only the nuggets after waiting at one time an hour and a half to have half your order missing.

"I literally stopped ordering delivery from McDonalds now its was so poor."

Caroline Berens said she "always has stuff missing" from the Sutton and Oldfields Road McDonald's branches and that "they should refund if they don't deliver what we pay for".

Dawn Ryan said she ordered a double Big Mac which came as a normal Big Mac, the Sausage McMuffin came with no sausage and that "almost every order" is incomplete from the Sydenham Bell Green store.

She reported the issue on the app.

Louise Forrester said that all on different occasions she had drinks, burgers and chicken nuggets missing from the Crayford McDonald's.

She said: "I requested a refund as the restaurant said they couldn't do anything about it and blamed Uber Eats."

Danielle Kehoe reported that "half" her meals have been missing "on many occassions" from the Broomwod Road Oripington branch and via Uber Eats.

She says she has now stopped ordering because "every order had food missing and it's hard to get any money back".

Ms Walrond, has had 20 nuggets, two double quarter pounders with ceese, four apple pies and one large fries missing from orders from the Penge McDonald's

She got a refund through Uber Eats - but said the money isn't the point.

Derek Evans, from Croydon said: "We have ordered three times from mcdonald's using the Uber app and every time something was missing.

"Drinks, a Big Mac, chips and hash browns."

The full statement from McDonald's said: "Because of the way that our processes work, this would be one that our delivery partners (Uber or JustEat) would have to comment on."

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