Like so many parts of London, Teddington was extensively bombed during the Second World War, though it can be hard to believe wandering its generally peaceful streets today.

Yet four friends who remember The Blitz, as the German Luftwaffe's bombing of London came to be known, still recall those days with clarity.

David Pinnock, Jeffrey Coombes, Stan Holtom and Derek Fisher AKA the Blitz Kids were all children and mates during the Second World War in Teddington.

Remarkably the four have stayed friends ever since and reunited with each other in their old stomping grounds for a trip down memory lane recently.

"Throughout Autumn 1940 and Spring 1941 Teddington suffered from many air raids with high explosive and incendiary fire bombs. Later were the deadly V1 ‘doodlebug’ flying bombs and the V2 rockets," Derek recalled "We talked of the fascination of seeing Bushy Park become a U.S. base, full of troops for the D Day Invasion of France, in June 1944. Jefffrey’s wife Patricia and Stan’s wife Mary joined the group at a commemoration meal," he added.

Richmond and Twickenham Times:

According to the Twickenham Museum, the first bombs were dropped in the area on the night of August 24, 1940, when bombers targeted the oil refineries at Thames Haven. Soon afterwards the widespread bombing of London commenced as the Nazi war machine turned its attention to British cities after their defeat in the Battle of Britain air campaign.

The museum reported that local authorities recorded 274 'incidents' - the official term used to describe an exploding bomb, in Septmber 1940 alone in the area.

As for the Blitz Kids, they hope to stage another reunion soon.