The introduction of new Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ)'s could be imminent in Teddington and Strawberry Hill as Richmond Council they seek to ask residents their preferred times for new restrictions.

Seven new CPZs in the area were approved by the council’s Transport and Air Quality Committee in January this year.

Announcing a further consultation on their plans, the council pointed out that it had received "requests and petitions" from residents in favour of new CPZs in the area designed to alleviate parking issues for people who live in the area and can see their parking spaces lost to visitors.

Previous consultation with residents last year showed strong levels of support on some roads in the area while other groups of residents were opposed. 

A council spokesperson said Tuesday (September 28) they would be moving forward with the new CPZs after listening to those residents who were "asking for a new Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) to be implemented in several roads to alleviate the difficulties residents regularly experience in finding parking spaces close to their homes".

"These difficulties have arisen in part due to the parking of vehicles by non-residents, including all-day commuters and short and long stay parking," a council spokesperson said.

According to the new proposals, new zones such as several roads to the west of Hampton Road could be included as part of extended CPZs.

Controls on parking such as these have been introduced across London in recent years not only to improve resident parking but also combat air pollution in the city.

According to one recent report by Air Quality Life Index, air pollution can reduce one's life expectancy, while it has also been linked to heightened risk of serious Covid-19 infections.

As for the new proposals in Richmond, residents likely to be impacted have been written to, the council said, and are urged to give their feedback on operating hours for the new CPZs.

"The consultation seeks to establish the preferred hours of operation of seven new CPZs in the Teddington and Strawberry Hill area, while also seeking to establish whether parking controls should be introduced in other parts of the areas concerned," Richmond Council said.

"Having listened to the concerns of residents, the Council has launched a further parking consultation to establish the detail of proposed parking controls. The initial consultation made clear that these controls were desired and the Council has now made its final proposals for the area," Cllr Alexander Ehmann said.

The consultation runs until Sunday, October 24. Click here for more information.