Roads will be closed for vehicles in Richmond Park this Sunday (August 5), Royal Parks have confirmed.

The measure is being implemented to help the staging of the London Duathlon, which will take place in the park that day.

Much like the recent Euros and Olympics sporting events, the 2020 duathlon is the edition that will take place on Sunday, after it was postponed to 2021 due to Covid-19 concerns.

Royal Parks said: "To safely facilitate the London Duathlon all Richmond Park roads will be closed to vehicles on Sunday 5 September."

They followed up with a series of clarifying points to questions raised on Twitter.

For example, in response to a Twitter user who wondered about the use of bicycles as opposed to cars in the park on Sunday, Royal Parks said:

"Closed to everyone so as not to impede the athletes... If you ride to a vehicular access gate then get on to the Tamsin Trail you can still use that to get around, though with the low speed limit it may be faster to aim for a specific gate."

Royal Parks also responded to another Twitter user who inquired as to the links to safety concerns the road closures had:

"Of course it's done for safety, same as so that the race can be run/ridden without impedance, so that organisers and supporters can clearly see what's going on; all the reasons that you'll seldom see a road race done on open roads."

London Duathlon has been described as "the UK's most stunning run-bike-run event". 

There are four different distances / events taking place, including a half duathlon, full duathlon, ultra duathlon or a more sociable team challenge dubbed "the duathlon relay". Click here for more information.