Residents in Hampton are reeling after they were left without broadband for four days.

Households across Richmond have been impacted by technical problems which hit Virgin Media’s service on Friday (Aug 20).

Some residents took to social media to air their frustration that TV, internet and phone services have gone dark without an explanation.

Natasha Cross, who lives on Percy Road, said the “blanket outage” has taken a toll on residents’ daily lives.

“Virgin said it would be fixed that evening, and then it was moved to the following morning, then that afternoon. The wait time keeps extending.”

Mrs Cross said that it had caused issues in her – and her neighbours’ – households.

“Lots of people are working from home, and we’ve got children on summer holidays. You do need a bit of respite from running around.”

“My husband also needs the internet to work, he bought data on phone and has now had to go to an office space until it’s fixed”

She said that the biggest issue was that customers have been given no explanation about the outages.

 “Virgin should just apologise and tell us what the issue is,” she added.

Leader of Richmond Council, Gareth Roberts, was also among those affected.

He took to Twitter on Sunday (Aug 22) to tweet his frustration.

In a tweet addressed to Virgin Media he said: “Any chance of an actual update on whatever the issue facing TW12 is?”

After the network provider replied to say the ultimate fix time had been extended, he added:

“This tells me nothing at all What is the nature of the fault? Customers completely in the dark.”

A Virgin Media said the majority of customers have not experienced any disruptions.

A spokesperson said:"We apologise to the very small number of customers in Hampton who experienced brief disruption to their broadband services. The issue was quickly resolved and all services are now working as normal."