Banners have been put up over Teddington Lock in a bid to prevent swimmers from getting into danger. 

The Environmental Agency put up the signs yesterday (August 17) on the railings of the Lock and Weir to highlight the risks of water. 

The bright red banners read: "Do not swim in the water here. Severe risk of drowning or life-changing injury."

On Twitter Maria Herlihy, the EA Operations and Waterways Manager for the Thames, said:

The move comes after fences were installed on the bridge two weeks ago, due to security concerns.

In the summer months, more people have been spotted jumping off Teddington Lock Footbridge and climbing onto boats owned by residents.

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An Environment Agency spokesperson said: “The EA have been working closely with our partner organisations since the spring to come up with effective ways of managing the on-going issue of people swimming near Teddington lock, as it is not something that we can solve on our own.

“To support our staff at the site, we have employed security guards and we will have a patrol boat moored at the lock for faster response.

“Their remit is to ensure that people are not jumping or swimming in the lock and to support our staff in managing the site.

“We have installed additional fencing at the site to try to prevent people from accessing the lock and have put up additional no swimming signs.

“We discourage people from swimming in the locks, and in doing so, educate them about the dangers of swimming and jumping into the Thames.”