Ambulances were called to Barnes yesterday following a collision between an electric scooter and car.

A woman was knocked off her escooter on Tuesday afternoon (August 11) on Church Road.

The site of the accident is near to where a new "parklet’ parking scheme is being trialled today (Wednesday).

Though the woman was not seriously injured some shopkeepers who oppose the scheme have linked the accident with the new parking regulations.

According to the council the scheme intends to improve outdoor seating on Church Road by changing parking spaces into curb side seating.

However, it has been controversial among retailers who say that it could negatively affect their business by taking away parking spaces.

Gaurav Faini, owner of convenience store the Barnes Pantry, witnessed the accident.

“She couldn’t see the car door because of the bay and hit it,” he said.

Mr Faini is among business owners opposing the parklet trial.

“We are strongly against. We wrote a letter to the council with the other retailers against it. The scheme takes away three parking spaces and is dangerous, as we saw yesterday,” he said.

The London Ambulance Service confirmed a a woman was not seriously injured.

A spokesperson said: "We were called at 5:23pm yesterday (10 August) to reports of a collision involving an electric scooter on Church Road, Barnes.

"We sent an ambulance crew, but we were cancelled en-route after the patient left the scene."