A Twickenham park bench has been dubbed ‘the most depressing bench in London’ following a tweet of it covered in litter.

The Crane Park bench has angered residents after photos of it emerged surrounded by litter.

Slamming the sorry sight as “disgusting” and berating the “sheer laziness” of the culprits.

The bench was photographed in the 30 hectare public park and posted on Twitter on Tuesday morning (July 20) and the leader of Richmond Council called it “depressing” on Twitter.

Richmond and Twickenham Times: Crane Park entrance Crane Park entrance

The Local Democracy Reporting Service spoke to local walkers, Linda and Bill Andrews about the bench.

When asked whether the bench is the most depressing in London, Bill, 75, replied: “Yes, it probably is.

“People should take responsibility for their rubbish, there’s plenty of bins.”

Linda was surprised by the amount of litter on and around the bench, calling it “sheer laziness” and “disgusting”.

The 73-year-old added: “People have got no responsibility. They will just drop their litter wherever they are, you see it all the time.

Richmond and Twickenham Times: Another bench in the same parkAnother bench in the same park

“I don’t know that the council can do much more.”

Angela Park, 55, said: “It’s disgusting, I actually saw a trolley near the entrance of the park yesterday.

“The bench looks a bit depressed because of all the mess around it.”

Leader of Richmond Council, Gareth Roberts, commented on the photo on Twitter of the bench saying “Sheesh…..that’s depressing”.

Another Tweet on the issue read: “I’ve passed the group of 8-10 lads there a few times, very threatening and disrespectful, always leaving it in a state of carnage.”

Friends of the River Crane Environment (FORCE) have reported the littered bench.

They said: “This bench has become a regular hotspot so we’ve asked if there could be some additional park patrols.”

FORCE is a registered charity based in Twickenham whose aims are to protect and enhance the open spaces around the River Crane.