A new all-female football team will take to Clapham Common this weekend for their first ever kick about.

Clapham Queens FC is hitting the Common on Sunday (July 18) to have their first-ever training session.

The Football club’s founder, Stephanie Collingwood, said it was “amazing” to see how much support the team has had already.

“I founded Clapham Queens FC in the hopes of getting females together in friendly games of football and potentially building up the team to face other boroughs in the area. I believe female football needs more recognition and that’s what I tend to do with Clapham Queens FC,” she said.

She said it would be a great idea to create a fun, friendly football team to empower women from ages 20-30 and for Clapham to have their own home football team again.

Raveena Bansal, a Clapham Queens FC player, added:

“Clapham Queens FC isn’t just about football, it’s about bringing females together and reigniting everyone’s love for the sport. I’m so excited to build with this team and have some fun with them all”

Clapham Queens is sponsored by RM Events, an events organisation put together to help upcoming musicians and artists in and around London.

You can find out more about Clapham Queens on their Instagram.