Twickenham MP backs residents calls for change in air pollution policy in Parliament. 

Munira Wilson, MP for Twickenham, will lead a debate in Parliament today (April 27), fighting for cleaner air in London.

This comes after Ms Wilson's petition, calling on the Government to introduce safer air pollution limits, attracted hundreds of signatures from residents.

Ms Wilson's petition asks the Government to take the dangers of air pollution more seriously, by bringing the UK’s air pollution targets in line with 2005 World Health Organisation standards.

Air pollution remains a 'silent killer' in the capital, as dangerous particles can contribute to diabetes, dementia, heart disease and cause problems for unborn children. 

The Twickenham MP, said:

"The Conservative Government has continuously failed to tackle air pollution which disproportionately affects the most vulnerable in our society. The fact they haven’t dropped plans to expand Heathrow airport shows there is little substance behind their promises to tackle the climate emergency and cut air pollution.

The success of my petition has shown that introducing safer air pollution limits has proved popular across Twickenham. It’s a crucial step forward to improve the health and lives of people locally as well as millions across the UK."

The debate will be on Tuesday, 27 April from 4:50-5:50om. It can be watched live on Parliament.TV from Westminster Hall.