A deer has died after being chased into a fence by a dog in Bushy Park.

Police said the animal was let off its lead by a dog walker and ran into some woods where it chased the deer.

The incident on Wednesday (April 14) was the latest case of an out-of-control dog attacking a deer in the popular exercise spot.

Royal Parks Police said the deer died after it ran into a fence.

A spokesman for the force said: "A dog walker had his dog off its lead in Millennium Woods in Bushy Park when it chased some deer.

"One of the deer ran into the fence and unfortunately died.

"These woods are not supposed to have deer in them, however they have managed to gain access.

"Please be mindful when walking dogs in the park, that the deer can appear in unexpected places."

It is the latest incident involving dogs chasing deer in Richmond's Royal Parks.

Credit: Sue Lindenberg

Credit: Sue Lindenberg

Last year, four deer were killed by dogs in Richmond Park and two men were prosecuted in court over the incidents.

In January a deer had to be put down after it was attacked by a dog and owner Franck Hiribarne was fined £600.

Last month Finn Schioldan was fined more than £800 after his dog caused a deer stampede in Bushy Park that left a young boy with a broken rib and a head injury.

Deer have not been the only victims of dog attacks in the parks.

On Easter Sunday a mum and her two kids were rushed to hospital after being bitten by a vicious dog as they did an Easter egg hunt in the park.

The family were playing in Bushy Park when the dog ran over without a lead and sank its teeth into the mother and her nine-year-old daughter, who was left with deep bite wounds.

The dog also bit the girl's 10-year-old brother on the arm, while the father, who was also with the family, was unharmed.

Paramedics treated the mum and two kids before they were taken to hospital.

Police are appealing for information about three men pictured in the area just before the attack just before 6pm.