The overwhelming majority of south London’s boroughs are in the top 50 per cent of healthiest areas in the UK, according to data.

The rankings, which are based on data provided by the Office for National Statistics and Lane Clark & Peacock were found by combining different factors in every region such as alcohol misuse, adult obesity, dementia and cancer.

The index was produced following a request from government ministers to assess the health of the UK in a bid to measure the effects of policy on health, and is thought to be the first of its kind in the world.

It revealed Richmond upon Thames as the healthiest borough in south London by quite a margin, placing second nationally out of 149 regions.

And it was good news for most other boroughs as well in the south of London, with 11 of 12 boroughs ranking in the top 50 per cent across the country.

Former chief medical officer professor Dame Sally Davies, who led the study alongside Dr Jonathan Person-Stuttard, recommended such a table be created in 2018.

A visualisation of how each London borough compares

A visualisation of how each London borough compares

Dr Pearson-Stuttard, head of health analytics at LCP, said the index of 149 local authority areas should be viewed as 'an asset to the nation'.

He told The Sunday Times: “The numbers reveal clear and substantial differences across England and should be a wake-up call to the government to deliver on its manifesto pledge to level up regional inequalities.

“While there is some encouragement to be had from slight improvements in measures related to wellbeing and mortality, these have been cancelled out by worsening mental and physical health morbidity.

“These may have deteriorated further as a result of Covid-19.”

The healthiest area in the UK was revealed as Wokingham, with a score of 110, while the unhealthiest area, according to the data, is Salford, with a score of 94.

The full rankings for south London are as follows:

Richmond – ranked 2/149 – score 107.7

Kingston upon Thames - ranked 9/149 – score 105

Wandsworth – ranked 12/149 – score 104.3

Merton – ranked 17/149 – score 103.4

Bromley – ranked 21/149 – score 103.2

Bexley – ranked 28/149 – score 102.5

Sutton – ranked 30/149 – score 102.4

Lewisham – ranked 51/149 – score 100.8

Croydon – ranked 53/149 – score 100.7

Greenwich – ranked 66/149 – score 99.6

Southwark – ranked 70/149 – score 99.3

Lambeth – ranked 90/149 – score 98.3