A number of boroughs in South West London showed a fall in the total new Covid-19 cases confirmed over a seven-day period, new data has shown, though the prevalence of the virus remains high across the region.

In the week up to January 9, many boroughs in the South West of the capital reported fewer new cases of the virus than they had in the previous week according to Public Health England (PHE), suggesting a positive impact was now being felt by the latest lockdown measures brought in to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Many neighbouring boroughs in North East Surrey also showed falling numbers of new cases over the seven-day period.

However, other boroughs in the region such as Croydon reported a rise in the numbers of new cases confirmed up to January 9.

In Kingston, there were 1,162 new confirmed cases of Covid-19 over the period, down 323 or 21.8 per cent on the previous week's figure.

The borough's 'rolling rate' of new cases per 100,000 people was 654.6.

In Richmond, new confirmed cases totalled 1,020, down 279 or 21.5 per cent, for a rolling rate of 515.1.

The figures for Merton were: New cases 1,773, down 396 or 18.3. Rolling rate: 858.4.

And in Wandsworth, the numbers were: 2,539 new cases, down 71 or 2.7 per cent. Rolling rate: 770.1. 

Sutton reported 1,854 new confirmed cases of the virus up to January 9, 508 or 21.5 per cent less than the previous week's data. The rolling rate stood at 898.5.

Neighbouring Croydon meanwhile showed a modest rise in the number of new cases confirmed over the period, which remained high at Croydon 4,249 new confirmed infections, up 56 or 1.3 per cent from the preceding week for a rolling rate of 1,098.8 per 100,000 people.

In Surrey, many boroughs closest to London showed declining numbers of new cases.

In Epsom and Ewell, there were 572 new Covid-19 cases confirmed, down 124 or 17.8 per cent, for a rolling rate of 709.4.

In Elmbridge, the figures were: 833 new cases, down 230 (21.6 per cent) for a rolling rate of 608.9.

Mole Valley meanwhile showed a slight uptick in new infections up to January 9: 547 new cases, up 33 (6.4 per cent). Rolling rate: 627.0.

While numbers of new infections in South West London were falling in many areas according to the data, deaths linked to the Covid-19 virus remain high.

PHE data showed the UK recorded 1,280 deaths within 28 days of a positive Covid-19 test today (January 15).

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