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Esher College New Seating Area
As the new term starts at Esher College, a new seating area has delighted students in the cafeteria.
Despite there being a second Lockdown, Lockdown 2.0, students are still expected to go into school. This new seating area has meant it is now less crowded in the cafeteria, making social distancing easier and making the school environment safer and more comfortable. With the new area comes more long tables and benches seating many people, the reopening of a comfortable sofa area which has a nearby television on meaning students can watch the news and learn about current affairs in the cafeteria and multiple smaller tables. There is also a new café in this section, hopefully leading to less overcrowding in the main café areas. 
Maria Cristiano, a 6.2 student here at Esher college says how ‘’The new area has been such a useful addition at college. It means there are more spaces to eat now and I can safely hang out with my friends. Especially as it is getting cold.’’ 
Many students are relived that the area has opened just as the temperature has dropped and we move into winter. Students can now stay in the warm during free periods and lunch breaks. However, due to the pandemic, this new seating area could encourage more students to hang out and mix with one another, potentially causing the virus to spread.
Overall, this new seating extension at Esher College has been seen as a positive thing for all students and means the students can have lunch in the warm and not feel overcrowded.