A dog owner has been charged and will appear in court after an Irish Setter fatally attacked a red deer in Richmond Park earlier this month.

The Met Police's Royal Parks police, who are helping deal with the incident, confirmed that the dog walker, a 44-year-old from Kingston, would appear at Wimbledon Magistrates Court on January 15 2021, underlining the fact that "It is an offence to allow any animal of which you are in charge, to chase, worry or injury any other animal within the Royal Parks."

The attack, which involved an Irish Setter chasing and attacking a red deer in Richmond Park, happened on October 1 earlier this month.

In a statement that also confirmed details of the criminal proceedings underway, a spokesperson for Royal Parks Police posted further details to Twitter:

"#CHARGED. On 01/10/20 in #RichmondPark an Irish Setter chased and attacked a Red Deer.

"Despite brave efforts of passing cyclists to chase the dog away, the deer had to be destroyed.

"A 44yr old male from Kingston has been charged under the Park Regulations."

The spokesperson added details of the offence of allowing an animal you are in charge of to worry chase or injure another animal.

Royal Parks management meanwhile urged all visitors to the park to put their dogs on a leash as they revealed that the deer fatally injured had been the fourth this year alone from dog attacks.

"We're pleased the owner of the dog has been charged. Sadly, this is the fourth deer since March that has suffered fatal injuries from a dog attack.

"Our message is clear; if you cannot control your dog then always ensure it is on a lead. Otherwise dog walkers may face prosecution," a spokesperson said.