In his 94 years, Sir David Attenborough has seen more of the natural world than most others.

But in a recent video the environmentalist has encouraged people to enjoy his local patch of wilderness - Richmond Park.

Speaking to the biggest names in film, music, TV and sports, Sir Attenborough shared his appreciation for the insects, deer, and trees found in one of West London’s favourite green spaces.

Made in the run-up to new Netflix documentary, “David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet”, the short video sees the environmental legend quizzed by famous fans.

Footballer David Beckham, popstar Billie Eilish and actress Judi Dench, are among the celebrities who pitch the ‘national treasure’ their questions.

Cast of the British TV show, Sex Education, said they believed problems with the natural world stemmed from people feeling “disconnected.” They asked Sir Attenborough how people can “reconnect on a budget.”

Sir Attenborough responded by telling city dwellers to make use of local parks – before sharing his nearest refuge.

Richmond and Twickenham Times:

“It is amazing how much the natural world can come into our cities. Most of our cities, thank goodness, have parks of one kind or another.

“Many parts of the country are wild parts, that have been put aside as little corners in which nature can flourish.

“You’d be astonished by how many different kinds of butterflies, how many different kinds of birds,” said the 94-year-old.

He then continued by describing his favourite tree.

“I’m very lucky, I live in West London quite close to a wonderful park – Richmond Park – which is many centuries old. It was Henry the VIII's hunting park and there are still deer there and a lot of ancient trees.

“And when they get old, they get hollow and they become home to stag beetles which fly into my garden.

"But this particular tree is 700-800 years old, maybe a thousand. So, it’s a marvellous tree, I look it at every morning. It’s a great character that tree.”

Released on October 4, his latest feature film is a warning to the world about the environmental dangers facing our planet.

Airing on Netflix, it adds to growing concern about the future of the natural world.