The Leader of Richmond Council has disputed the accuracy of Covid-19 data, after finding that many positive cases in Richmond are individuals whose tests were conducted miles away.

Since 20 September, there have been 421 positive test results reported in Richmond upon Thames – the highest out of every London borough.

But as part of Richmond Council’s review of the data, it has found 40 per cent (117 tests) are missing the location of where the individual was tested.

Of these, 70 were tested outside of London – as far as Leeds, Exeter, Manchester and Durham.

The data also shows that these individuals are aged 17-21 years old. The Council suggest university students are registering their home addresses when tested, possibly through recording their GP's details.

Richmond and Twickenham Times:

As London hurtles towards potential further restrictions, the Leader of Richmond Council is demanding that before any additional measures are put in place, the Government urgently reviews the data.

Cllr Gareth Roberts, said:

“This is the latest 'Testing Shambles of the Week' and the Government needs to get a grip. This is not just a Richmond issue, it's not even just a London issue; this is a national issue. Before any further restrictions are put in place the data needs to be cleansed and correct.

“Some of our positive cases seem to be students who may have acquired the infection in other parts of the country. So why are they being attributed to Richmond?

“People need to have the confidence in the data, if they don’t then how can we expect people to follow the rules. Come on Mr Hancock – we know your Government struggle with algorithms – but get a grip!”