To make their pupils more aware of this week's Clean Air Day, three teachers at Darell School in Kew walked to work – all the way from Virginia Water.

On Monday (October 5), headteacher Mr Porter, and assistant heads Mrs Claridge and Mr Gilbert, walked 20 miles to school to raise awareness for Clean Air Day.

The trio set off at 3.30am and kept pupils up to speed by tweeting their journey across London.

The teachers arrived damp and tired, to cheers from socially distanced parents and pupils. With ten minutes to spare, they crossed the finish line to the school entrance.

Richmond and Twickenham Times: Teachers at Darell School cross the finish line, 20km laterTeachers at Darell School cross the finish line, 20km later

“I wouldn't have been able to do it without my colleagues,” Mr Porter told the school in a video assembly.

“That's what a team is, and we're a massive family at Darell,” he added.

In a tweet, the school thanked parents and students for all their support, especially in their donations for new schoolbooks.

“A massive and heartfelt thank you to all our community. Your well wishes and donations kept us going. We’ve already beaten our £500 goal so thank you to all of you!”

The teachers are urging as many students as possible to walk to school this Thursday for Clean Air Day 2020, which aims to draw attention to the dangers of air pollution.