Tesco in Richmond and Twickenham has been working closely with the council and other supermarkets in the area this summer to help combat issues of antisocial behaviour.

Following a number of incidents, where residents have been concerned about alcohol consumption on the green, Tesco has implemented measures in its store to manage the problem.

These include removing alcohol displays from the front of the store, increasing security, stopping shoppers who are repeat buying and monitoring the Green on particularly warm days.

The store has also said that if advised by the licensing team, Park Guard or Police, it will also limit the sale of alcohol temporarily after 9pm.

A spokesperson for Tesco said:

“We have always actively served the needs of the Richmond community and are keen to support where we can to ensure the area remains pleasant for everyone to enjoy.”

Richmond Council has welcomed the move by both Sainsburys and Tesco. Cllr Gareth Roberts said:

“This is a very welcome step from Tesco. We know that alcohol has been a major contributory factor to late night anti-social behaviour in the borough.

“Whilst it isn’t every night – on those days that our officers, the Police or our Park Guard Service view that it is a live issue, the supermarkets have agreed steps to support us in ways that specifically help by temporarily limiting sales to people who may be intoxicated.

“I want to thank Tesco for this public-spirited move. I know it may cause slight inconvenience for some, but I hope it will make a real difference to tackling anti-social behaviour on our greens.”