A property developer from Twickenham has applied for planning permission to turn a garden flat into a temporary self-isolation unit.

Prakash Tanna owns two flats in Hounslow Road, Twickenham, however he is hoping to rent out the building at the rear of the property in case locals need to quarantine in the pandemic.

In the past, the garden flat was occupied by tenants, but planning permission was never granted to Mr Tanna despite a High Court challenge.

He is asking for the ban to be overturned for a temporary period of 12 months.

The self-isolation unit would be rentable on AirBnB at a reduced rate for locals or those flying in and out of Heathrow Airport. Tenants living in the main house could use it for free.

The property is a fully functional bungalow in garden setting, which Mr Tanna says is ideal for those who can self-isolate at home or have come from abroad to Heathrow Airport.

“As a landlord and property developer it breaks my heart having such a lovely property empty and not in use. I’ve always been accommodating to tenants needs, more so since Covid-19.

“If planning was granted this would be my opportunity to give back to the community by providing a resource for somebody to self-isolate and bring the property back into temporary use.”

“I’ve not come across anybody else doing a similar thing and think it would be great for the community,” Mr Tanna said.

He added that rents would be judged on a case-by-case basis. For example, if someone could not afford to pay rent, or was elderly or on benefits, they could stay for a nominal fee which only covered the cost of the utilities.

You can view Mr Tanna’s application here.