South West London and North East Surrey are braced for torrential rain and thunderstorms today (Wednesday, August 12) as temperatures continue to hit 30 degrees in the region.

The Met Office weather service are predicting thunderstorms and heavy rainfall in a number of locations Wednesday and into Thursday.

The rains are expected to arrive after an extended heatwave and "anti-cyclone" of high pressure that until today stifled rainfaill across South East England.

Temperatures in South London were expected to hit 32 degrees Celcius by 2pm on Wednesday according to the Met Office, while in neighbouring North Surrey a peak of 31 degrees C was expected at 2pm (Epsom).

Meanwhile, after torrential rain and stunning thunderstorms hit the North and Midlands of England overnight, the same weather system was expected to move South over London by Wednesday afternoon-evening.

The thunderstorms are currently expected to hit Surrey Thursday.

The Met Office currently predict thunderstorms in Epsom by 5pm on Thursday.


According to the latest Met Office forecast, the outlook for South London is:


12pm – Sunny 29°C

1pm – Cloudy 30°C

2pm - Cloudy 30°C

3pm - Thunder shower 31°C

4pm - Thunder 30°C

5pm - Cloudy 30°C

6pm - Cloudy 30°C

7pm - Sunny intervals 29°C

8pm - Sunny intervals 28°C

9pm - Partly cloudy 27°C

10pm - Partly cloudy 26°C

11pm - Partly cloudy 25°C

12am - Partly cloudy 24°C


And for North East Surrey (Epsom), the Met Office forecast reads:


12pm – Sunny 29°C

1pm – Sunny 29°C

2pm - Sunny intervals 31°C

3pm - Sunny intervals 32°C

4pm - Sunny intervals 31°C

5pm - Sunny intervals 30°C

6pm - Sunny 30°C

7pm - Sunny 29°C

8pm - Sunny intervals 27°C

9pm - Partly cloudy 25°C

10pm - Partly cloudy 24°C

11pm - Partly cloudy 24°C

12am - Cloudy 23°C