The Met Police are hunting a jogger who they say kicked a newborn baby swan off the path while out running in Richmond Park yesterday evening (June 9).

A spokesperson for the Met Police's Royal Parks force said that the incident happened around 5.30pm on Monday.

They added that, while they were caring for the cygnet, it was "not looking good" for the vulnerable newborn bird.

In an information appeal posted to Twitter, a spokesperson said:

"#Witnessappeal Yesterday at about 17:30 hours at Pen Ponds, #Richmondpark a jogger kicked a newborn Cygnet out of his way instead of going around.

"The cygnet is currently being cared for @Swan_Sanctuary. Unfortunately it’s not looking good for the Cygnet."

Police added that they were already working to a description of the primary suspect, a man presumed to be around 60 years' old:

"The suspect is a white male, about 60 years old , 5ft6, grey hair, wearing black running shorts and vest.

"Any info please call 07920 586546 and quote ref 0705738/20," the police spokesperson said.