A man caught illegally changing the number plate on his car was arrested in Barnes last night after a dramatic police car chase and on-foot pursuit.

The Met's Road and Transport team spotted the man changing the number plates on his vehicle, an illegal offence, and tried to stop him.

The man failed to stop, and was pursued by the Road & Transport team and by Richmond Police in a dramatic car chase.

The driver crashed the car before trying to escape on foot across a field, but officers caught up with him and arrested the suspect.

Up on arrest, police discovered that the car he was driving was stolen, and that the male was also in possession of drugs, and a baseball bat.

Richmond and Twickenham Times:

Richmond Police said it was a "great example of how units from across the Met continue to help patrol and fight crime across the SouthWestBCU.

"Although the Covid19UK lockdown asks the public to remain at home and avoid non essential travel, the police are still out there, as usual, to help keep you safe."