As of Saturday [March 28], only NHS employees will be allowed to cycle in Richmond Park until further notice to help ensure the public abides by the social distancing.

A Royal Parks spokesperson said: “It is necessary to suspend all cycling in Richmond Park to protect public safety and ultimately help keep this vital green space open for everyone.

"Cycling is still permitted in the other Royal Parks, where there is no current evidence of congestion.

“We’re continuously monitoring the situation and intervening where appropriate, with the support of the police, to reduce congestion in all areas across all our parks.

"Many Parks are closing across the UK because people aren’t following the Government’s guidelines and people are gathering in groups of more than two.

"We really want to keep our eight Parks open across London as they are such important green spaces for those that can reach them safely for daily exercise and to walk in nature.”

NHS workers can continue to cycle though the park if they show their staff pass.

The Royal Parks is appealing to visitors and asking them to remain at least two metres [six feet] apart from each other.

There should be gatherings of no more than two people outside immediate households at all times - this also includes no groups of people cycling, walking or jogging, no group picnics or sitting on a bench next to someone outside your household.

And, dogs must be kept on leads.