The director of the Royal Parks has underlined the importance of social distancing, saying that gatherings of more than two people will be dispersed by police.

Tom Jarvis, Director of Parks at The Royal Parks, asked for residents and visitors to only visit the green spaces for exercise after crowds of people gathered over the weekend.

He said: “Following the Prime Minister’s latest address, we are pleased that our parks can remain open for essential daily exercise, be that a run, walk or cycle.

"People are permitted to exercise once a day, either alone or with members of their immediate household, but all other gatherings in the parks of more than two people are banned and will be dispersed by the police.

“We believe strongly that having access to green space has never been more important than it is today for people’s physical and mental wellbeing, particularly for those without a garden."

The news comes after crowds of people visited Richmond Park during Mother’s Day Weekend [March 21 and March 22], despite Government guidelines calling for people to practice social distancing.

However, there were some mixed reactions from people as some went to Richmond Park to cycle or to attend the Hampton Court Palace Half Marathon which took place on March 22.

When asked for his reasons for going to the Half Marathon Race, Simon Harris - a resident from Teddington said: "My son took part in the race as a warm up to the London Marathon which has now been cancelled.

"Around 3,000 spectators were spread out fairly along the route which started in Richmond park and ended in Hampton Court Palace.

"I wasn’t concerned because everyone was fine however, I was quite surprised it went ahead... it must be the last gathering before the Government got heavy-handed."

However, some people were outraged by the decision to visit the parks in which they described as being a 'selfish act'

JCC Pro Clubs @WorldofJCC on Twitter [March 22] said: "You p****s meeting up on your little bikes like this is some bank holiday are putting my life and my families life at risk

"My mums in isolation right now and especially at risk to this virus."