Richmond Council has announced plans to prioritise the borough's car parking spaces to enable key workers to deliver health services and vital community support.

The measures have been designed to include other care staff and volunteers as well as those providing help to vulnerable residents.

This means that health service, emergency service and other vital community support employees can apply for an emergency parking dispensation.

Cllr Alexander Ehmann, Chair of the Transport and Air Quality Services Committee, said: “I am sure that everyone will appreciate that at this time our priority is making sure that those isolated residents and those who are unwell, get the help they need, when they need it.

“Therefore, we need to make sure that ALL nurses, doctors, carers and volunteers can easily get to households.

“People might wonder why we aren’t just removing all parking restrictions.

"We need to be realistic.

"If people can park where they want, when they want, we can almost guarantee that these vital support and care staff will NOT be able to access people’s homes."

Cllr Ehmann also said that the council understood that there is a need for people to get out and about to access food or get to work.

And, that the temporary changes would make it easier for people to pop out and get supplies.

He also urged residents to listen to the guidance and to stay at home if possible.

Key workers and other vital support services employees should visit Richmond online to apply for a parking dispensation.