The community of Richmond have come together to create a 'Richmond & Twickenham COVID 19 Mutual Aid Group' on Facebook in a bid to help residents during the social distancing phase.

Set up by Adam Sunman and Cameron Maisonette, the group successfully recruited 650 people within three days.

In a statement posted in the group, Mr Sunman said: "In discussing, we think that the best care is going to be delivered at the street by street level between neighbours.

"We see our role as making sure that every street has its own WhatsApp group and that there is one person per street who is a designated contact for the street

"This page will then act as a ‘funnelling’ borough page encouraging everyone to join their own ward group, as well as encouraging them to join their own street WhatsApp, or create one if it doesn’t already exist.

"If we work well together, we could get full ward coverage within a matter of days, without having to centralise any sensitive data."

The group has been split into wards, WhatsApp groups and has a 'poster' segment so that residents will be able to access the correct information.

Ward Groups


East Sheen

Fulwell & Hampton Hill

Ham, Petersham & Richmond Riverside


Hampton North

Hampton Wick



Mortlake & Barnes Common

North Richmond

South Richmond

South Twickenham

St Margarets & North Twickenham


Twickenham Riverside

West Twickenham