A survey conducted by a national specialist shed retailer has revealed that the longest waiting list for an allotment space in London is in Richmond.

According to Power Sheds - there are 637 residents who are currently waiting to be offered a community garden space in Bushy Park in Hampton, compared to the UK's average waiting list which of 30.

Brandon Attack of Power Sheds said: “We have seen a trend with more and more urban gardeners wanting to get into growing fashionable foods such as chillies and sweet potatoes.

“With garden space at a premium, I guess this comes at no surprise that people are trying to find some additional space to grow their own fruit and vegetables.”

According to the survey over 90,000 people are on a waiting list for one of the 300,000 council owned allotments in the UK.

Power Sheds broke down allotment waiting lists by location and through examining trends in waiting times.

It also revealed that the county of Cumbria has the longest waiting list of 180 and that Wales typically had shorter waiting lists compared to the rest of the UK.

Allotment waiting lists in London:

  • Bushy Park 637
  • London St Anns & Westfield 560
  • Hampshire Milton Piece 559
  • London Manor Road 481
  • London Beatrix Potter 400
  • London Sixth Cross Road 399
  • London Old Palace Lane 383
  • London Heath Gardens 375
  • London Newham - 1 322
  • London Newham - 2 321

Counties in the UK with the longest waiting lists:

  • Cumbria England 180
  • County Down Northern Ireland 146
  • South Lanarkshire Scotland 113
  • Dunbartonshire Scotland 103
  • Dorset England 90
  • Durham England 84
  • Lancashire England 60
  • Devon England 59
  • County Antrim Northern Ireland 58
  • London England 54

UK Country Average Waiting List:

  • Northern Ireland 44
  • England 31
  • Scotland 21
  • Wales 17