Businesses in Richmond can learn how they can contribute to a better future this month, at an environmental workshop sponsored by the Council.

A workshop will take place between 10am to 11:30am on February 25, at York House in Twickenham and will also be hosted by the Chamber of Commerce.

Cllr Geoff Acton, Lead Member for Business at Richmond Council, said: “Tackling the current environmental crisis is the responsibility of everyone.

"That includes local businesses.

"Whilst are encouraging residents to take a look at their own lives and make more responsible decisions in their homes, we also need businesses to look at how they operate.

"If we have any chance in reducing the borough’s carbon footprint – we need everyone to take a good hard look at how they travel, what they purchase, what energy they use and how they dispose of waste.

“This workshop aims to set out what is happening in London and beyond – to hopefully inspire businesses to take responsibility and action for their own carbon footprint.”

The workshop will also look at environmental priorities in Richmond, as well as London's sustainability priorities and the view from a national and international perspective.

One of the key commitments from the Council is to do more to educate and support local people to make their own changes.

Businesses play a key role in supporting and leading this programme of work.

Also, in July 2019, Richmond declared a Climate Change emergency and asked residents across the borough to help develop a draft strategy aimed at presenting the borough’s contribution to saving the planet.

Over 85 per cent of people who had their say agreed that the Council should make Climate Change a top priority.