A man has been jailed for four years after he carried out a series of violent robberies in Barnes.

21-Year-old Warren Maile in was convicted of three counts of robbery and of carrying an offensive weapon after he attempted to use a knife to intimidate his victims into handing over their possessions.

The court heard that Maile was cycling around Barnes when he came across two people who were having a drink at a pub.

Maile approached the couple and warned that they "weren't allowed to look at him," in a manner that intimidated them.

He then pulled a knife out onto his unsuspecting victims and proceeded to rob them of their phones, money and jewellery - which was also of sentimental value.

After robbing the people who were at the pub, Maile left the scene, however, both victims claim to have then heard shouting.

The same suspect then tried to rob another couple who were able to raise the alarm and get help from a nearby pub.

Spooked, the suspect tried to flea with his Santander bicycle, but the members of the public scared him off.

The court was told that after the initial calls were made to police - officers proceeded to search the area but to no avail.

However, the police investigation proved a success after officers were able to identify Maile through the bicycle and DNA swab testing.