The MP for Twickenham has demanded that the Government do more to fix the ongoing issues with the South Western Rail (SWR) services.

MP Munira Wilson - who is also the Lib Dems' Transport Spokeswoman, raised SWR's poor performance issues in Parliament by detailing the impact that it was having on her constituents.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Munira Wilson said: “To commute into central London, my constituents are reliant on South Western Railway and they are at their wits’ end – not a day goes by without problems.

“Lost income, lost working hours, lost time with loved ones, missed medical appointments and just the general stress of dealing with a rail service that is constantly delayed or cancelled is not acceptable…So regular are these occurrences, that passengers are regularly opting to drive to alternative stations – so much for reducing emissions!

“Coupled with the crippling 27-day strike SWR passengers had to endure throughout December, without proper compensation and given the financial difficulties SWR finds itself in, it’s time for the Transport Secretary to take urgent action."

She also believes that the recent issues that the rail company faced are also a clear indicator that SWR are not up to the job and that residents who use the Shepperton lines are disproportionately affected because it is the first line to be suspended whenever Network Rail encounter a problem.

MP Munira Wilson feels that residents living in Teddington and Hampton Wick are hugely affected whenever there is a delay at Teddington Station because it means that trains will have to miss Hampton Wick Rail Station to make up for any time that has been lost.

She urged the Government to take urgent action by allowing Transport for London (TfL) to take control of SWR's suburban services as soon as it is deemed as feasible.