Residents living close to the River Thames are being warned to expect flooding on low-lying roads and footpaths from 3pm today.

Levels on the River Thames are expected to be high as a result of spring surge tides and high fluvial flow.

Forecasters have also predicted that the high tide at Richmond is anticipated to be 4.65m which means that wet conditions may exist for one to two hours either side of high tide.

Areas that will be affected include:

  • Putney Embankment
  • Chiswick Mall and Strand on the Green
  • Thames Bank at Mortlake
  • Ranelagh Drive
  • Friars Lane and Water Lane
  • Riverside and The Embankment at Twickenham
  • Towpath below Teddington Lock

Despite this - homes are not expected to be flooded however, astronomical tide levels are rising. also state that river flow at Teddington Weir is 135 cubic metres per second and is rising but this is considered to be normal for this time of year.

Residents should also be aware that the flows are expected to remain high for the next five days.

In order to be prepared for the risk of flooding - residents should have a bag that includes medicines and insurance documents as well as checking online for flood warnings.