Meet Richmond's newest beauty hub for local beauty brands.

Seekology was created by 39-year-old Rebecca Saunders - a St Margaret's native and former beauty buyer, who wanted to create an educational environment that would focus on the beauty industry.

Ms Saunders previously worked as a buyer with High Street brands such as John Lewis, Tiffany and notonthehighstreet before becoming the Managing Director of Saunders Retail Group.

Richmond and Twickenham Times:

Photo credited to Seekology.

She said: "I launched Seekology after many years in corporate retail across buying, strategy, Ecommerce and finance.

"Having been the Beauty Buyer for John Lewis, I was aware that there were many innovative emerging brands that deserved to have more visibility in a market that is dominated by large multinationals.

"I also wanted to create an environment that was approachable and focused on educating customers about beauty + wellbeing products.

"And as a local resident I was really keen to create a new retailer that provides something different for the high street as well as supporting other local entrepreneurs, such as Heka Aromatherapy, Freya & Bailey skincare and Ilu activewear - all of which are also from St Margarets."

Richmond and Twickenham Times:

Seekology offers the best products to its customers because Ms Saunders believes that keeping an open mind helps when it comes to sourcing products for customers - even if it means travelling up and down the UK.

Seekology also hosts weekly events that focus on learning more about local products as well as workshops and tips to help people to cope with things like stress.

Ms Saunders continued: "Local entrepreneurs come in here and connect with customers directly.

Richmond and Twickenham Times:

"If anyone is unsure about switching brands I would always advise them to look at the ingredients on products try some samples try things don't change too much into your skin care routine at once.

"Keep an open mind and be sure to slowly and gradually introduce new products to your skin.

"I would also recommend consumers come in and see the products for themselves - the Seekology store team includes people with many years' of skincare experience with the bigger brands and so they are well placed to advise on what you might need as well as give out samples of relevant products for you to try at home before you buy.

"It's also possible to find really cost-effective solutions when buying from smaller brands as well as learning more about the provenance of products, especially for customers that are interested in natural skincare or sustainability."

At present Seekology has more than ten local brands that are currently on sale in store which range from facial creams, essential oils, Activewear and candles.

44-Year-old Naomi Armstrong, another St Margrets resident, and owner of Heka Aromatherapy, said: ""Seekology is like a community - it is amazing to be able to sell my product locally and to meet with customers.

"I love the fact that people can come in and look at products and purchase them straight away.

"I used to be in PR [public relations] and when I went back to work after having my first child I just knew that I wanted to do something different.

"During my pregnancy I started to become conscious about what I was putting on my skin and my babies skin so I did an aromatherapy course which prompted me to start making products which I gave to my family and friends who were shocked that my oils worked."