Cadent asks residents to ‘bear with them’ as they issue an online statement admitting to yesterdays progress being slower than they had hoped.

In an update this morning, Cadent confirmed they are continuing to check gas pressures across several areas in Richmond.

A statement from Cadent this morning (February 2) said:

“Our progress in the area between Townshend Road and Manor Road was slower than we hoped yesterday.

“Some properties had water in their service pipes, the pipes which take gas from the main in the road to their individual properties.

“We have had to spend time pumping that out.

“We then plan to move to an area immediately west, from Sheen Park to Church Road.

“Like the previous area, it is likely that we will find some properties have water in service pipes.

“All the machines and resources we need to sort that is here on-site in Richmond.

“We just ask that you bear with us – we are getting there.”

Cadent has also thanked customers for their patience as they continue works to restore gas supplies in the remaining areas affected.

For more information, you can visit the customer team at Richmond Hill Hotel or call Cadent on 0345 835 1111.