A Richmond investment group with a twist has announced plans to employ more staff thanks to the success it achieved in 2019.

Whiskey & Wealth Club is an innovative investment company that is changing the way customers can make money, relying on whiskey as a commodity over more traditional forms of investment.

In 2019, it was joint commended for ‘Best Start-up' at the Richmond Business Awards and shortlisted for ‘Young Company of the Year’ at the Growing Business Awards.

Jay Bradley, Co Founder of the Whiskey & Wealth Club said: "I think 2019, was a great year because we have a great team and strong marketing strategy.

"People have chosen to ditch traditional styles of investment such as property, because of factors like the 2008, financial crash.

"Unlike other investments - whiskey actually increases in value the older it is which is the opposite of what happens if you invest in something like motors."

Richmond and Twickenham Times:

Co Founder Jay Bradley.

Investors can purchase casks of whiskey, with a minimum purchase of six casks which will be placed on a pallet for around £14,662.02

The whiskey is then stored in a controlled warehouse owned by HMRC and should be left for ten years or more in order for the whisky to increase in value.

In 2019, the Whiskey & Wealth Club's revenue stood at €10m, which allowed the company to go from four employees to 27.

This year, Mr Bradley hopes the company will increase its revenue by up to 140 per cent, as well as creating 13 new roles.

Mr Bradley added: "Most people think that whiskey is made by the brand when it is not.

"Here at the Whiskey & Wealth Club our investors can sell 10-year or 20-year casks of whiskey to whiskey brands or make their own brand of whiskey with our help."

Mr Bradley also believes that the business became a success because of the area it is in.

He said: "Richmond is great for staff retention and it has everything an employee needs - great shops, accessible transport and the river.

"Its a great place to have a mixture of family and work life.

"My advice to anyone who wants to start a business in Richmond is this - try and get an office that has car parking facilities," he joked.

"My advice is to listen to your instincts and keep going forward.

"Ignore the doubts that people may have and remain focused on achieving your goal."