A crew from Teddington RNLI Lifeboat Station attended two incidents on the same day thanks to the high tides that took place in Richmond.

According to reports - a man had to be rescued after he fell off of a Towpath and into the water in Ham at around 1:25pm on January 12.

Both the Teddington RNLI and Chiswick RNLI worked together to locate the man because his whereabouts were unclear.

Once the man was discovered he was taken to the hospital by the London Ambulance Service as he required further medical assistance.

Nic Peters from Teddington RNLI said: "Due to the exceptionally high Spring tide on the day, had the incident occurred even an hour later, the Ambulance would not have been able to get to the casualty as their access point at River Lane would have been too flooded for them to proceed.

"In that case, the casualty would have been evacuated by lifeboat however, on this occasion we were able to assist immediately and launched the lifeboat within two minutes of the call.

"As the exact location of the casualty was not clear, we would like to thank the many members of the general public who pointed us in the right direction as we proceeded downstream to the tow path opposite Marble Hill Park.

"On arrival and working alongside London Ambulance Service, medical assistance was given and the casualty taken to hospital by ambulance."

The same crew from Teddington RNLI then had to head down to the White Cross Pub in Richmond where they discovered a vehicle has submerged into the water.

There were no reports of injuries however, Teddington RNLI did liaise with both Met Police in Richmond and the Port of London Authority who decided that Teddington's RNLI assistance was no longer required as the car was submerged.