The Lib Dem leader for Twickenham gave her first maiden speech in Parliament where she discussed issues affecting her constituents.

MP Munira Wilson spoke to the house to explain how the Heathrow expansion, Southwestern Railway strikes, and lack of mental health services for children and adults have affected residents.

She said: "I came into politics driven by a desire to tackle inequality, protect our environment and to promote international values.

"It is an immense privilege to be given the opportunity to serve both my local community and my country as an MP in order to champion these values.

"Twickenham, Teddington, Whitton, St Margarets and the Hamptons form a very special constituency and I look forward as Whitton's woman in Westminster to champion their interests - first and foremost, in this place. "

Following the December 2019 elections - MP Wilson, has become part of a historic moment as the involvement of women in Parliament increases.

According to the House of Commons there are currently 220 female MP's that have taken a seat in Parliament.

This means that 34 per cent of MPs in the House of Commons are female which is the highest proportion of either chamber in parliament that has ever been recorded.

In total, 64 per cent of the Lib Dem party is now female, 104 female MPs now represent the Labour Party and 25 per cent of the Conservative Party is also female.