Police have responded after a video emerged online of a group of youths accused of anti-social behaviour and drug use in Langdon Park, Teddington.

The video appears to show a verbal altercation between a woman and the group - as she accused them of smoking cannabis in the children's playground, asking them to move on.

It is not clear how the encounter came to an end as the video, which has already had more than 11,500 views, cuts off before anyone leaves the area.

A Spokesperson from Met Police in Teddington said: "A lot of work was done last summer around clearing up ASB and drug use around the Langdon Park estate.

"As a result we saw several arrests for drug dealing, drug use and a number of community protection warning notices issues.

"The result of this was a drastic decrease in reported incidents of drugs and ASB.

"Teddington and Hampton Wick Safer Neighbourhood Teams already conduct after school patrols in partnership with schools, staff, and officers from the school’s team.

"Moving forwards, the playground will now be included in these patrols.

"We would like to reassure residents that we do take complaints of anti-social behaviour seriously. If anyone has any information or witnesses ASB please notify us via 101."

Police said the youths seen in the video are not believed to be local students.