Residents took to social media to share their delight in seeing Fiona Bruce hosting the Antiques Roadshow at Strawberry Hill's House & Garden.

Ms Bruce presented the show titled 'What Happened Next?' which featured on the BBC network on December 28.

She guided viewers through some of the show's most memorable finds over the years at a house that belonged to an antique collector and politician from the 18th century.

One social media user called @c_stranks on Twitter said: "Saw the outline of #StrawberryHill on the #AntiquesRoadshow."

While another Twitter user @PaidGoFyn wrote: "Just saw my university on #AntiquesRoadshow and I fully burst into tears!"

Strawberry Hill House & Garden is beautiful spacious building in Twickenham and is also the former home of Horace Walpole.

Memorable finds on the show included a feature from glass expert Andy McConnell.

In 2016, Mr McConnell was given a mysterious bottle from a visitor of the show, who found the hidden bottle in the threshold of his home.

Mr McConnell was convinced that the bottle dated back to the 1800's and was even shocked to discover that the bottle still had liquid inside of it.

After tasting the contents Mr McConnell was convinced that he had tasted port or red wine however, Fiona Bruce broke the unfortunate news she received from scientists who had carried out their own investigations into the liquid.

Scientists discovered that the liquid was a witches brew that consisted of snails, rusty pins and urine.