Met Police in Kew carried out two 'stop & search' routines in Richmond where they found drugs on a day of patrolling the area on December 22.

Met Police in Kew posted a statement online that said: "Busy day for the two of us, lots of patrolling - 1x #StopAndSearch of a shady character on Sandycombe Rd then another fella stopped on North Rd for driving without a license; despite us sending him to court twice already #CommunityPolicing."

According to police reports a man was stopped and searched on Sandycombe Road where he was found to be carrying an illegal substance.

And, a second male was then stopped and searched on North Road where he was also found to be carrying drugs and driving without a license.

The second male was then taken to a Police Station where he was interviewed and questioned in relation to a dog biting someone at North Sheen Recreation Ground.

Both suspects were released without being charged.